Product Customizations


APM, Inc. is able to supply customizations of our products to your exacting specifications for: OEM applications (embedded in your product), cost reduced versions, and drivers for test applications with specialized requirements. Our Model 205 and 400 PWM Drivers have been in use for over 25 and 15 years respectively, with our Model 400 often deployed in industrial 24/7 operations. Over this time we have supplied many customized versions of our products for a wide variety of industrial, automotive and commercial applications.

APM, Inc. welcomes inquiries on variations on our existing standard products for OEM use and even a one-time test application. For assistance with your application, contact APM, Inc. directly via phone or attach your specifications and e-mail

Parameter Customizations
  • PWM frequency
  • operating voltage and/or operating current
  • variations in input
    • input ranges: 0 to 10V, 4 to 20mA
    • sensors (pressure, temperature, thermistor, etc.)
  • variations in output
    • push-pull driver
    • low voltage, current output
    • output diode configuration / components
OEM and Drivers to Embed in Products
  • cost reducton
  • board only (no enclosure)
  • board with reduced components (cost reduced)
  • customized board design (size and/or functions) for your application
  • customized packaging and/or connectors