PWM Solenoid Driver / Control

Model 500 Peak and Hold PWM Driver

The Model 500 Peak and Hold PWM Driver (also known as Pick and Hold PWM Driver) is intended for on/off solenoid control applications where reduction in power and coil heating is required. The Model 500 is suited for solenoid control applications where a digital output from a PLC or PC data system is used.

The Model 500 uses timed peak and hold settings. For current controlled peak and hold, see the Model 805 Driver.

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Model 500

The Model 500 Peak and Hold (also known as Pick and Hold) Driver is designed to drive solenoid devices with an initial full-on pull-in pulse, then provide a reduced power hold-in current by pulse width modulating the output. The high frequency PWM output provides enough hold-in for the solenoid, while the current reduction saves overall power and reduces solenoid heat, thereby extending coil life. The Model 500 readily interfaces to PLC and computer controls in industrial applications.

Control Modes Frequency
Stand-alone 1000Hz
Optically isolated trigger
Contact closure trigger
Duty Cycle Output
90% to 15% adjustable Peak time adjust
Up to 50W peak
Low-side drive
1V to 50V