Signal Conditioning

Model SGC-400, SGC-401 Isolated Driver

The Model SGC-400 / SGC-401 Isolated Low-Side Driver provides a high current, low side drive output from a low level digital signal from an embedded system, PC, data acquisition and control system digital output, or PLC digital output. The Model SGC-401 provides the same functionality and features a high side drive output. The SGC-400 and SGC-401 Isolated Drivers are intended for general purpose solenoid and actuator drive in industrial control, and automotive test and development applications where only a low level digital signal is available.

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SGC 400 / SGC 401

The Model SGC-400 module turns a low drive signal into a 50W peak low-side drive control signal for PLC and PC solenoid and actuator drive applications.

Application Input
Stand-alone 5 to 28V, DC or PWM
Optically isolated trigger
Contact closure trigger
Output Features
90% to 15% adjustable Up to 50W peak
1 to 50V Low-side drive (SGC-400)
High-side drive (SGC-401)