Signal Conditioning

Model SGC-200 Current Sense Amplifier

The Model SGC-200 Current Sense Amplifier is intended for PWM solenoid current measurement applications where an average current measurement is desired. The Model SGC-200 is suited for general purpose measurement and monitoring applications.

The SGC-200 Current Sense Amplifier provides two amplified voltage outputs proportional to the current sensed across an internal, non-inductive sense resistor. One output is an amplified voltage output allowing for current waveform pick-up and the other is a low-pass filtered voltage output which provides an average current of a pulsed load. The filtered output can be used for any pulsed signal application such as actuators and small signal DC stepper motors.

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SGC 200

The Model SGC-200 module provides two amplified voltage outputs proportional to current across an internal sense resistor for current measurement of PWM pulse solenoids and DC motor applications.

Application Input
current measurement of pulsed solenoids, actuators and DC motors +/- 4A
component test and development DC or PWM
general purpose signal conditioner for data acquisition and control applications including PLC interface
Output Features
+/- 10V max DIN mountable
analog output, single ended, DC coupled switch-selectable or fixed gain
switch-selectable or fixed filter frequency cutoff
electrically isolated: power, input and output