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Model SACT-100, SACT-101 Electronic Stepper Motor Actuator Controller

The Models SACT-100 and SACT-101 are designed for control of electronic stepper motor actuators used in general purpose industrial, automotive, and commercial applications. With its built-in pushbutton / LED display interface the SACT-100 is one of the most cost effective, stand-alone, manually operated actuator controllers available.

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SACT 100 / SACT 101

The Models SACT-100 and SACT-101 are controllers for electronic stepper motor based actuators.

Application Input
HVA/C vent controls controller 9 to 28V DC
automotive actuators
PLC, PC interface
general purpose stepper motor control
Output Features
unipolar stepper motor stall detection
50V max stand-alone operation
50W peak RS-232 control
open-drain MOSFET digital I/O control
automatic cycling